Kashmir dispute at a glance.by Dawood nabi..

It is situated in the heart os South-central Asia and shares its borders with Afghanistan,China,india&PAKISTAN.A small strip of wakhan separates it from the Tajikistan.

85,000 Square miles (2,22,236sq.km).it is larger than 75 independent nations in area.Nearly 2/3rd of its territory is under the occupation of india &1/3rd under the administration of PAKISTAN.

13 Million, imcluding 1.5 million refugees in pakistan and 0.1 million in india @other parts of the world. It is thus bigger in size than 100 soveregin countries of the world.

Jammu & Kashmir is a disputed territory within the meaning of international law.Indian forces occupied 2/3rd of the territory on 27th october, 1947 and obtained temporary accession of the state from itsautrocratic ruler while at same time promising the KASHMIRI people as well as the United Nations that the future status of the territory would be determined by its people.United Nations Security Council passed resolutions affirming the right of SELF DETERMINATION for the people of jammu & kashmir…..

(source: Kashmir Palestine in the making.)


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