Daily Islamic Life.. By: Dawood Geelani.

Islam provides a complete code of conduct for man in all spheres of life.It does not stand as a barrier between man and his legitimate desires. It neither declears this wordly life a punishment for some ”orginal sin” nor looks upon this life as an opportunity to fulfill unbridled material and sensuous desires.According to Quran this life is divine gift and humankind has been granted the right to utlize and enjoy the resources made available to him by Almighty Allah subhana Wataala without getting compleately involved in the lexuries of this life at the cost of the eternal comforts of the ‘Life-Hereafter’ by forgetting the divine commands at any stage of life.
”He it is Who has createdfor you all that is on earth” (Al-Quran 2:29)

islam fulfills all the diverse requirements of a civilized society i.e Religon, Morality, Politics,Social dynamism,development of scientific attitude, creating peaceful and stable social order etc.
It demands its adherents to worship Allah s.w.t (God) alone, Creator and sustainer of the universe; be truthful in their daily lives; honest in their dealings; help and come to the rescue of the poor and the needy; be kind to parents and elders;fulfill their promises and covenants; demonstrate patience and perseverance is hostile conditions, The Quran sums it up in the Ayah (verse):
”True piety does not consist in turning your face towards east or the west-Truely pious is he who believes in Allah (God), and the last day the angels and revelation and the prophets; and spend his substance however much he himself may cherish it- upon his near of kin, and the orphans and the freeing of human beings from bondage, and is constant in prayers and renders the purifying dues, and they who keep their promises whenever they promise and are patient in the misfortune and hardships and in time of peril: it is they that have proved themselves true and it is they, who are conscious of Allah (God)”. (Al-Quran 2:177)…


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Pro-Khilafa. Anti-Democrate. Student of Political Math. Occassional Cook. Writer.
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