Hajj.. By: Dawood Geelani…

A Muslim has to visit the holy shrine of Ka’abah at Makkah wearing two pices of seamless white cloths between the eight and 13th days of Dul-Hajj- the 12th month of islamic clander, to perform circumambulations (Tawaaf) of Ka’abah,offer congregational prayers in the valley of Arafat ( about 12 miles from Makkah) and perform animal sacrifice at Minnah ( a suburb of Makkah). The Hajj is to be performed once in one’s lifetime if he or she can afford it Financially,physically and mentally.
Haj signifies the essence of Islam in the form of total submission, unqualifed obedience, real devotion and compleate self surrender of man before his God. ”A life which is not occasionally shaken by tumult and revolt is not worth living, a man should at times, liberate himself by breaking the fictitous bonds of habit and custom, of pedantic law,artifical taboos and sterotyped conventions, and handing over the control of his affairs to the heart. He should at least once in a life time go into wilderness in the manner of a dejected lover and give a proof of the sweet madness of love as is the wont of the people of faith and sensitiviness for only then can he have a taste of real Freedom…..


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