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Farz Nimaz kay baad Ijtimai’e Dua.

Farz namazon ke baad ijtemaai dua karna Beshak bid’at hai, aur jO Amal Imam ul Ambia Muhammad ur rasoolallah sallal laho alaehe wasalam se sabit nahi to ham kaise use sunnat samjh kar karlenge? Namaz ke bad ijtemai dua ki … Continue reading

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Delhi Police Prevents Peaceful Protest in Front of Israeli Embassy – Students, Others, Injured and Detained

Originally posted on KAFILA – 10 years of a common journey:
A Tale of Two Protests, On Two Days. Protests against the situation in Gaza have been held in Delhi yesterday, (Sunday, 13th July, and today, 14th July, in the morning).…

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My Mother, Parveena Ahangar

Originally posted on Nineteen. Forty. Seven:
? If you ask Jiji what she would like to eat, her response is always “Sanaa, koi fikar nahi, Allah hai na. Khaana mil jayega, bas mujhe apna kaam karna hai. Khaane ki koi…

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