Jinnah at Srinagar High Court

aatish e chinar 🍁

Muhammad Ali Jinnah had arrived in Kashmir during the summer of 1936 (he had made a few visits before) . He must have been happy seeing the change of the political system and the power of Kashmiris movement for Freedom from the Tyranny of the Dogras. As 1931 had been a turning point in the Self belief and Self Determination of the oppressed and subjugated Kashmiris.

There is this legendary case which is still fresh in the old folk of Kashmiris. Many elderly persons talk on the parapets of Kashmir about how Jinnah with his charm and charisma single handedly changed the verdict without even studying the case.

The Case was of Hanifa Begum versus the State. One Mirza Ali, Sub Inspector, and his wife Hanifa Begum were booked under Section 494 Penal Code. He was accused of marrying an already married woman. Jinnah was hesitant to take up the…

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