25 students gathering from all-over The
Pakistan on Dec-23-1947 laid down the
foundation of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba (IJT) .
The main objective of IJT is to convey the
message of Islam to students and encourage
them to seek the knowledge with fondness
and to struggle for formulation of Islamic
IJT is a dream of Mufakir-i-Islam Sayyed
Maudoodi R.A and Allama Iqbal. Today IJT is
not working in Pakistan only, but allover the
world, especially in south-Asia. Jamiat Is
Working under different names in different
Like in Pakistan, the foundation of Islami
Jamiat-e-Talab Jammu and Kashmir was laid
in 1977 at Sopore town of Barramullah
District of Kashmir valley. From then Jamiat is
working tirelessly and with steadfastness in
the region.
Mission Statement of IJT JK.
To seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT) by
ordering human life in accordance
with the teachings laid down by Allah
and his Messenger Muhammad (May
peace and blessings of Allah be upon
The Programme of Islami Jamiat-e-Talaba
Jammu Kashmir is:
To convey the message of Islam to
the students, to encourage them to
acquire its knowledge, and to
awaken them to the task of fulfilling
its requirements in the practical life.
To organize those students under
the Jamiat, who are prepared to
strive for the establishment of
Islamic way of life.
To make effective arrangements for
the study of Islam and modern
sciences, the building of Islamic
Character and the development of
mental and physical qualities for
those students who join the Jamiat.
To strive for implementation of
Islamic Educational system, this is the most
To make efforts to solve the
problems faced by the student
community to get their genuine
demands Fulfilled and to lead them
in their collective problems.
To struggle for the establishment of
an Islamic society, this
ensures human welfare and is free
from economic, social and political
Jamiat is working for spreading the culture of
Islam in educational institutions.
Jamiat has suffered alot on the hands of
Anto-Islamic forces. During the armed
struggle here in Kashmir the whole official
machinery tried to wipe out Jamiat from its
existence Members of Jamiat were martyred
and jaild but Jamiat didn’t loose its ground,
courrage and consistency, as a result, the
Journey of Jamiat is continuesly moving
towards it’s destination.
Jamiat has introduced the culture of
purposeful and positive activism like Making
of Children study circles, organizing the Book
Fairs, Picnics/tours, Young writers guild,
Quranic centers, Seminars and Libraries
across the state. Jamiat is holding discussions
on the issues pretaning to modern islamic
Jamiat has remained at the forefront during
clamities, be it earthquake of 2005 or Recent
deluge, Jamiat did great relief and rescue
work. Today Jamiat has become a major role
of Islamic movements struggling for the
revival of Islam and Islamic society.
If you have will, if you are enthusiastic, if you
have intrest in the Programme of Jamiat, if
you are willing to strive and struggle for
Islam, if you have bold aspirations, if you are
willing to get involved with Jamiat, if you are
willing to work with Jamiat, if your are willing
to uphold the Banner of Allah, if you are
willing to struggle for establishment of
Islamic mindset and Islamic society, Then
Jamiat is waiting you. For more, You can log
on to http://www.ijtjk.org http://www.facebook.com/IJTJK
May Allah S.W.T give us Chance and Strength
to work for Islam, May Allah S.W.T give
Muslims an Energetic, active, Patriot and
Intelligent leadership. May Allah s.w.t shower
his Blessings on all of those who ‘Have, Are
and Will’ Strive and Struggle for Islam.
[ Qalandri Meri Kuch Kam Sikandari Se Nahi ].
Dawood Nabi.


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