January: Snow White and Massacres


Qadri Inzamam

January in Kashmir is reminiscent of snow clad mountains, frozen Dal, people sitting in small groups – gossiping – with their Kangris tucked between their legs, and a flow of tourists in Gulmarg and much more. While the white snow and cold breeze may bring with them pleasant reveries for many of you, most of the Kashmiris find the month of January as haunting as a wild-nocturnal beast; as terrifying as death.

When the last decade of 20th century began, Kashmir’s bloodiest and indelible days started to engrave its new history. In this last decade of 20th century, every January witnessed a massacre and mayhem. The routine continued in the early years of 21st century even. And as a matter of fact, it still continues.

‘Snow white and red blood’, this gory combination of nature’s two disparate creations in the month of January presents Kashmir’s…

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