1: If you only uncover the beauty of your face at any time, the sun will conceal its face, eclipsing with shame.

2: If by His sweet will, a small wave of fragrance passes by the hell, Prisoners in this furnace shall be relieved of their torment therein.

3: If the spectacle of His beauty absents itself from the paradise even for a movement, both ‘SALSABEEL’, the heavenly spring and ‘TOOBA’, the heavenly tree, will go in hiding the same moment.

4: The blessings of Paradise are nothing as compared to the delight of pain of His longing, The idea of Union with Him turns the world into a mirage.

5: If only a drop from his cup of union is absorbed by the soul, You will get drink and will not recover from the slumber till the day of resurrection.

6: If you want to become ecstatic without getting drunk, give up your willfulness, if you want eternal life, crave for that type of drink.
[Translation by Dawood Nabi.]


About ان کی گلیوں میں

Pro-Khilafa. Anti-Democrate. Student of Political Math. Occassional Cook. Writer.
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