Some Famous quotes and advice’s of Shaheed Afzal Guru, Extracted from his letter’s, Interview’s etc.

1: Even praying for Jihad is Jihad.

2: Jihad is the only solution to liberate Kashmir from the shackles of India.

3:Means define the end and the end doesn’t define the means.

4: Our immediate and pressing problem is indian militarisation, our lives, property and diginity are not safe till their presence here.

5: it’s incumbent upon all resort to Jihad as per the Quranic guildlines.

6: If the Kashmiri youth will follow Afaq Shah, Ghazi baba and match their status, indian soliders will leave Kashmir in One year.

7: Shake the invincible image of india.

8: we should liberate ourselves from wrong policies.

9: New Kashmiri generation will not fall for Ghandism or Karzaism.

10: Youth should reject ”Coward separatist leadership” gaurded by the indian security shield.

11: Valley is boiling in blood.

12: No sheikh Abdullah can sell Kashmir now.

13: It is the duty of intellectuals to take Kashmiris out of the Marsh of indian occupation.

14: For Muslim’s, there are only two options, either Jihad or migration. Migration isn’t possible because there is not Madina here, so only Option is Jihad.

15: Deen-i-Islam should be fountainhead of our struggle. Animals also fight for rice, grass and other needs.

16: Those leaders who are feeling tired should leave the movement for their own good and larger public intrest.

17: There is a high need of introspection among Kashmiris and pro-freedom leadership.

18: Kashmiri’s should learn to Value the sacrifices of Martyrs.

19: India the world’s largest Democracy is also the world’s largest ccupation.

Dawood Nabi.


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Pro-Khilafa. Anti-Democrate. Student of Political Math. Occassional Cook. Writer.
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