Dawood Nabi
I believe in action not in reaction. But
the reaction to Syed Ali Geelani’s recent
interview to Rising Kashmir is
prompting me up to write few lines.
This is a letter that is prompted by
recent “response drama” to one of the
bravest and the most prominent
Hurriyat leaders who did everything
what was in his ambit for the
aspiration of the Kashmiris.
Criticism is good but only when it is
constructive. Geelani Sahab remains
Kashmir’s most beloved and heroic
figure despite vindictive criticism.
He is an ideology and idea which
cannot be taken out. Every day I used to
read and hear about Geelani Sahab, his
story unfailingly sent shivers down my
spine, how has he suffered, his days in
Jhodpur jail, how he is defying the
oppressor and its contractor’s, and how
he is mobilising youth. Yet, why is it
that some pseudo-intellects do not talk
about this part of his life. Or are they
deliberately keeping it out of pubic
Unfortunately, he doesn’t have enemies
only from India but from within
Kashmir as well. They hate his guts,
will, steadfastness and valour. Fellow
leaders from the Hurriyat camp are
also in the line of enemy. The root
cause of this hatred and jealousy is that
youth are following him, people love
him and people are ready to die to
listen to him. It is up to people to make
and accept any person as their leader.
His fight against India has inspired
many. Others also have their
contribution towards the cause, but
without any doubt or bias Geelani’s
share is bigger.
On social media especially on Facebook,
opponents of Geelani Sahab claim and
beat drums that Geelani contested
elections, but everyone knows what
was the basic purpose was for jumping
into the electoral fray. Everyone should
know that he contested elections for the
sake of Kashmir. Not only Geelani, but
many others also contested elections
who now are in Hurriyat camp, why
doesn’t anyone criticize them. Mirwaiz
Molvi Farooq Sahab had seat
arrangement with Janta Party and later
he also signed an accord with Farooq
Abdullah, why doesn’t anyone criticize
him? Professor Abdul Ghani Bhat
contested elections, JKLF chief Yasin
Malik was polling agent in 1987
elections, what does it mean? What they
did at that time was the demand of the
geo-political situation and was the
collective decision of people.
Very few acknowledge the fact, that
current criticism about Geelani’s
ideology and work is aimed to stop his
fame, and to pull brakes on his
outreach. Hasn’t he in past called gun
an option? Was then any hue-cry? Why
Geelani is a man with dynamism, he
doesn’t just rest on empty rhetoric, he
moves out boldly. It was Geelani Sahab
who mobilised people and gave them
honour and inspiration to live and
fight. From 2000 to 2008 it was Geelani
who remained alert, when everyone
was fast asleep.
In his recent interview to Rising
Kashmir he criticised people for their
double standards. His criticism to
people is based on facts. The
enthusiasm, valour, courage and
sacrifices by Geelani Sahab narrated to
me by people is to be saluted and worth
to be followed. He believes in unity, but
we have many people in Hurriyat camp
who doesn’t see India as an oppressor,
how can Geelani unite with them?
I as a resident of JK, thank Geelani
Sahab for planting the seeds of
resistance in the hearts of people
especially youth. In near future, we will
see the results of his investment.
Qalandri Meri Kam Kuch Sikandari Sai


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Pro-Khilafa. Anti-Democrate. Student of Political Math. Occassional Cook. Writer.
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