Tariq Bin Zayad

Dawood Nabi

(Extracted from The Hundrend Great Muslims).
By: Dawood Nabi.
After landing on the coastal strip
overlooking the rock which was later
named as ‘Jabal-ul-Tariq’ (Gibraltar), its
conqueror Tariq Bin Zayid, ordered the
burning of the ships that had brought
his Muslim troops from Africa in 711
Why are you doing this. Sir?’ cried
the astonished soldiers.
How will we return? Enquired
Tariq remained unmoved by these
In reply, he uttered those historic
words, which will always inspire
people to embark on brave deeds. He
said: ‘We have not come her to return.
Either we shall conquer and establish
ourselves here or we will perish.’
Emboldened by these words. Tariq
and his soldiers routed one of the
most formidable armies of the West
and carried the banner of Islam even
beyond the high walls of the Pyrenees.
Soon after the death of the Holy
Prophet of Islam (sws)…

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